The difference between “enemy” and “nemesis”

Do you know the difference between the two words? Very simply put, a nemesis is worse than an enemy. An…

Ladri di Biciclete (1948)

Ladri di Biciclette, another black and white classic, most people think. But why has this film been given the status of a classic?

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

The Night of the Hunter is the only film that director Charles Laughton has made. He did this for the production company Paul Gregory Productions, a relatively unknown company with only 2 productions to its name.

Boyfriend Material – Alexis Hall

I don’t know whether or not I liked this book. There is very little actual communication between the two main characters. The reason why they don’t like each other is unclear. And the reason why they all of a sudden need a fake boyfriend is also quite iffy.

Tirez sur le Pianiste (1960)

Tirez sur le Pianiste, literally translated as “shoot the pianist” is a film by François Truffaut, directed in 1960. The…