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In 2015, I also went to the biggest Belgian book fair: Boekenbeurs. If you want some more background information check out my post from last year’s haul. In 2015, I also came home with quite a big bag of books and bookish accessories. Usually, when I want or need a book I’ll just order it online or buy it. Or I will look for an eBook-version and read it on my iPad. So on book events like the Boekenbeurs, I will not really buy a lot of books from my to-read list. I will look for interesting books that you don’t find in regular bookshops. So let’s dive right into it.

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I am a huge fan of For Dummies books! I have a whole bunch of them about social media, fast reading, body language and more. I am thinking about doing a post about my For Dummies obsession later. So at the 2015 Boekenbeurs, I bought Meditation For Dummies (in Dutch)I am not a very stressful person, at least not outwards. If I experience stress, it manifests physically and causes knots in my shoulders and neck which leads to migraines. So when I stumbled upon this book, I thought it might help me relax and hopefully redirect that stress so it won’t cause me headaches anymore. I am also looking forward to seeing if I can learn something physical and mental from a book.

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Next up is the Shakespeare Insult Generator. Now I am really happy with this find! This is why I go to book events! As someone who loves to read, who loves language and who has a degree in English, this is for me! So basically, you open it, and there are types of words that you can combine to make the perfect Shakespearean insult. On the back of the strips of paper, all the words are explained. It is also mentioned if the word was invented by Shakespeare (or at least first recorded in his writing) and if he used the insult only once or more. I absolutely love it! The next person who defies me had better watch out: you “degenerate sheep-biting blockhead”! Amazing right?!

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I also bought another book about blogging: Blogboek from Kelly Deriemaeker. I have a blog myself (obviously…) so I like to stay up to date on the literature. I thumbed through this one at the Boekenbeurs and I also saw a bunch of positive reviews from fellow bloggers! I’m excited to read it and see if I can learn something new to help me improve my blog.

And another fun thing about the Boekenbeurs is that a ton of authors are present to promote their books. So I got my book signed, hurrah! We also talked a little: I told her about my blog. She was very friendly and wished me luck with my blog. She also told me to contact her if I had any questions or problems. Loved meeting her!

Of course, books are not the only thing I bought at the Boekenbeurs. You can also find a lot of merchandising and other book-related products. Like these adorable book pins. I am afraid of pinning them on my bag because I’m afraid of losing them. The yellow one is an owl that is saying “I love books”, the green one says “Book-a-holic and proud” which is very true for me. Then the middle one is for “book nerds” everywhere. I also adore the white pin that says “will work for books” – if only I could! And the red one is a pin-pun: “I book, therefore I am”. Love it! Then I bought a lovely, linen bag with the lettering: “book nerd”. It is very sturdy and is made to carry books. It was kind of expensive, but I just had to get it! And last but not least: this mug that says “Shut up, I’m writing.” Amazing, right?! It’s from Blossom Books, they have all kinds of fun stuff like that.

Finally, I also bought a calendar as a Christmas present for my uncle. It’s a calendar from Toon Hermans (a famous Dutch singer, painter and poet). It is filled with pictures of his paintings, some cartoons, jokes and poems. I hope he will like it!

That was it for the Boekenbeurs this year! Have you guys been to similar book events? Did you buy a lot? Let me know in the comments!

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