New releases: June 2016 – young adult

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In an effort to fill up your to-read lists and piles, here are the new releases expected in June 2016 in the young adult genre. How many will end up on your piles?

  1. And I Darken by Kiersten White (The Conqueror’s Saga #1)
    Publication date: June 28th 2016
    NO ONE EXPECTS A PRINCESS TO BE BRUTAL. And Lada Dragwlya likes it that way. Ever since she and her gentle younger brother, Radu, were wrenched from their homeland of Wallachia and abandoned by their father to be raised in the Ottoman courts, Lada has known that being ruthless is the key to survival. She and Radu are doomed to act as pawns in a vicious game, an unseen sword hovering over their every move. For the lineage that makes them special also makes them targets.
  2. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows
    Publication date: June 7th 2016
    Edward (long live the king) is the King of England. Jane (reads too many books) is Edward’s cousin. Gifford (call him G) is a horse. Edward, Jane, and G are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, our heroes will have to engage in some conspiring of their own. But can they pull off their plan before it’s off with their heads?
  3. Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh (Ivory and Bone #1)
    Publication date: June 7th 2016
    A prehistoric fantasy—with allusions to Pride and Prejudice. Hunting, gathering, and keeping his family safe—that’s the life seventeen-year-old Kol knows. Then bold, enigmatic Mya arrives from the south with her family, and Kol is captivated. He wants her to like and trust him, but any hopes of impressing her are ruined when he makes a careless—and nearly grave—mistake. However, there’s something more to Mya’s cool disdain…a history wrought with loss that comes to light when another clan arrives. With them is Lo, an enemy from Mya’s past who Mya swears has ulterior motives.
  4. The Loose End List by Carrie Firestone
    Publication date: June 7th 2016
    Maddie is on the trip of a lifetime with her over-the-top family. As they travel the globe, Maddie bonds with other passengers and falls for Enzo, who is processing his own grief. But despite the laughter, headiness of first love, and excitement of glamorous destinations, Maddie knows she is on the brink of losing Gram. She struggles to find the strength to say good-bye in a whirlwind summer shaped by love, loss, and the power of forgiveness.
  5. The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder
    Publication date: June 7th 2016
    In this ode to all the things we gain and lose and gain again, seventeen-year-old Penelope Marx curates her own mini-museum to deal with all the heartbreaks of love, friendship, and growing up. Welcome to the Museum of Heartbreak. Sometimes the biggest heartbreak of all is learning to let go of that wondrous time before you ever knew things could be broken.

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