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Cooking with Harry Potter

Cooking with Harry Potter 1

Since reading The Cursed Child, I have been in a Harry Potter mood. And I want to spread my Harry Potter mood! So I decided to browse Pinterest and look for some more Potter-awesomeness. And I found it right here in these recipes. Do you feel like sharing some Harry Potter magic? Do it with these 5 wizardly treats!

1. Pumpkin Juice


Learn how to make this tasty drink on babble’s blog.

2. Polyjuice Potion


Want to know how to make Polyjuice Potion? Read it on Pepper’s blog.

3. Butterbeer

(source: Pinterest)

4. Golden Snitch Cake Pops


Learn how to make these yummy snitches on Tonya Staab’s blog.

5. Harry Potter shooters

(source: still cracking)

Happy reading (and drinking and eating),

Loes M.

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