The Frog in the Skyscraper – Faiz Kermani


Faiz Kermani was kind enough to send me a copy of The Frog in the Skyscraper for review. I’ve already reviewed another short story by him and I even interviewed him a little later. Of course I was happy to do so, as I loved that first story I read so much. Just like that other story, this is again a story about a frog who is a little different from other frogs.

Frijibold is a frog who lives in a pond in New York city. However, nothing ever changes at the pond, and Frijibold has gotten tired of it. He overhears the humans passing by talking about the Shark Fin Towers, a new skyscraper with exclusive apartments. He gets the idea in his head to take the coins from the wishing well and move to the skyscraper. The property developer grabs the opportunity to use the talking frog for marketing and publicity means and Frijibold soon finds himself the center of attention, singing on TV and the life of every party. After a few months, his popularity is waning and people start treating him differently. He ends up missing his friends and family at the pond and decides to go back.

This story of self-discovery is funny, light-hearted and just a little bit crazy. Frijibold is a talented frog but he has a bit of trouble finding himself. His journey of self-discovery leads him from the pond to the penthouse apartment of a New York skyscraper and finally back to his family and friends at the pond, where he belongs. It is lightly written, easy to read and will especially appeal for young readers from 7 to 9 years old. It is also a fun story to read to younger children at bedtime, or read together with your kids.

As in the previous books, Faiz also filled this little gem with fun drawings by Korey Scott. And where the last book had rhymes, this book has rhyming songs that our frog friend sings for the humans and later for his pond-friends. The lyrics are amazing, and the music and melody is for young readers to improvise. Definitely a recommendation for young readers who like light, happy books with a little bit of a crazy twist.

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Loes M.

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