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I’ve noticed time flies when I’m reading romance books, and the same goes for writing reviews about them.Whether I love the books or hate them, typical romance novels are not that complicated, the story flows and opinions are easily formed. This is another example of a romance novel that I really liked. Yes, there are some clichés (as there are in almost every romance novel) and yes, it’s easy to predict in big lines what is going to happen. But Every Yesterday by Nancy Naigle still managed to surprise me, and that’s why I like it! So thank you, NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

As with most of my previous romance reviews, I’m not going to spoil the reading experience by giving away the entire plot. Based on the cover and the blurb, you should be able to decide whether or not this is something you’d enjoy:

Megan Howard used to be a successful painter—but that was a long time ago. These days she’s struggling to move forward, convinced her heart is permanently broken after her last relationship and grief-stricken over the loss of her father. Clinging to memories of happier times, she holds tight to her father’s most cherished possession: a 1958 DeSoto Adventurer. Though she needs the money, she’ll never sell it—even loaning the prized automobile to her best friend on the day of her wedding stirs up painful memories.

Avowed bachelor and car collector Noah Black has never seen a car he can live without…or a woman he can live with. Reluctant to see his best friend condemned to matrimony, he flies to Boot Creek from California to be the best man in the wedding. But after discovering that the gorgeous maid of honor owns the car of his dreams, Noah makes a pricey bet that he’ll add the DeSoto to his collection, no matter what it takes.

Despite their determination to stay single, Noah and Megan soon find they can’t resist each other. His attention turns from getting the car to getting the girl, and thanks to Noah, Megan can imagine a life in the present. But when the truth about Noah’s wager comes to light, will it threaten to throw Megan’s new perspective into reverse?

So there is Megan, the artist who stopped painting after she lost the person most important to her, her father. She is now barely scraping along. The only thing of real value that she owns is a fancy car (sorry, I’m not a car person, this is the best I can do) that her father left her. It’s very dear to her and she will never sell it. In walks Noah, someone who buys and restores cars for a living. He also has a lot of happy memories tied to a similar car and is desperate to buy the car off Megan. He has his team fly out to collect the car, even before he has properly met Megan, let alone talked to her about selling. What brought the two of them in each other’s lives is their best friends’ wedding, what brought them closer together is that car and what will keep them together is love.

I really loved the story that besides the predictable outcome and general storyline, still managed to surprise me. There is so much more to Megan, and I loved the way the author described her. She basically needs to be able to let go of her past and take a chance on love again. Noah wasn’t described into that much detail, but I thought it was enough to tun him into a real person that fitted well in the story. (That bugs me in romance novels sometimes, that the heroine is characterized as a real person, but the man is described as either looks or personality, with a few blown-up traits). He had to take a chance, let go of his bachelorhood and obvious disdain for relationships and just let himself be happy. Of course you all know that they end up together, but the way they do it, is a little different. I’m not saying more, just go read it!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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