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Last week I reviewed Close to Home by Lily Everett. I told you then that I got two ARCs in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley and the publishers and so now it’s time for the second one. Home at Last is the sixth book in the Sanctuary Island series which will be published on March 7th 2017.

The story of Marcus and Quinn started in Close to Home and picks back up here. Marcus is ex-army who then worked as a bodyguard and is now trying to start over again, back home on Sanctuary Island. He left to join the army when his mother died, doesn’t have a good relationship with his family and his experiences have left him scarred and shut off. He comes home to open a bar, which he renovates in the previous book. When this book starts, his bar is open for business but nobody is coming because of what happened in the previous book: he briefly dated Quinn, a young woman ten years his junior, and after dumping her the town hates him and is boycotting his bar.

But Quinn isn’t faring much better either. Her parents have just returned from a long trip to inform her that they are on the brink of divorcing. She feels however, that her free-spirited mother is letting herself be influenced too much by a “relationship-guru” they met on the way. Her parents worry about her not settling down, so she decides to bring in a fake boyfriend to show her parents they don’t need to worry and can focus on their own marriage. So she goes to Marcus with her plan: it will show the town he is a good man and bring business to his bar, while it will allow her to show her parents she is settling down.

Win-win, right? Well, kind of! This sweet romance novel takes you along with Marcus and Quinn as they discover how much they mean to one another and turn their fake engagement into a real relationship. It’s about two people learning to let love in, about a relationship with an age difference, about a “cranky old man” and a “quirky young woman” finding love with each other. My favourite part of their relationship was probably the very beginning in the previous book and all the way at the end when they admitted their feelings for each other. Just like Close to Home, this romance is super sweet, realistic and without too many cliches. I loved reading it and I have put all other books by Lily Everett on my to-read list because I loved these two so much.

How about you? Have you read anything by Lily Everett or similar romance stories? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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