Quiz: Which Brontë Sister Are You?

Earlier last month, I blogged about the Brontë sisters’ and the new TV show based on their lives (read about it here). And then I stumbled upon this lovely Bookstr quiz to find out which of the Brontë sisters you are!

Post 193.0

Are you excited to find out which of the sisters you resemble most? I’m sure you can rate their books in order of preference, and you know which sister’s writings you like best. Now, thanks to Bookstr, you can find out which sister you are most like.

  1. What are you doing on a rainy day?
    1. Working on projects!
    2. Maybe go for a walk
    3. Reading, duh.
  2. Pick a social network
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. No social media for me
  3. If you could have any pet, what would it be?
    1. Dog
    2. Rabbit
    3. cat
  4. Where would you vacation?
    1. English countryside
    2. Rome
    3. Tokyo
  5. Pick a Rochester
    1. Michael Fassbender
    2. Orson Welles
    3. Toby Stephens
  6. Pick an ice cream flavor
    1. Vanilla
    2. Butter Pecan
    3. Rocky road
  7. It’s time for karaoke! What are you singing?
    1. “Someone Like You” – Adele
    2. “Creep” – Radiohead
    3. “Party in the USA” – Miley Cyrus
  8. Pick a famous poem
    1. The Road Not Taken
    2. Oh Captain, My Captain!
    3. Hope is the Thing with Feathers
  9. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be?
    1. Flute
    2. Guitar
    3. Trumpet
  10. How do you want to be remembered?
    1. Someone forward thinking
    2. Someone very intelligent
    3. Someone who is a mystery

I am apparently Charlotte Brontë (even though I’m the middle child at home and not the oldest):

Post 193.1

Happy quizzing,

Loes M.

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