Poetry: Storyboat – Bobbi Katz

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Bobbi Katz is an American poet and writer of children’s books, picture books and essays, biographies. She also holds workshops for children, teachers and librarians to do with poetry and writing. She uses rhyme to catch the attention of children, to teach them about new things and, of course, to entertain them. Here is one of my favourite poems of the author:

Bobbi Katz

It’s time to read a story,
so climb aboard with me,
and we can sail a storyboat
across a magic sea.
We can visit jungles
or rub noses with a bear.
We can visit anyplace
and sail to anywhere.
We can learn a lot of stuff
from sailin storyboats –
like how to ride on elephants
or how skinks got striped coats.
We can meet a bunch of kids
that we’ll be glad to know,
and when the summer gets too hot,
we’ll sail in seas of snow!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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