Quiz: Do You Know What These Spells Do?

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I’m in a Harry Potter mood since Fantastic Beasts is coming out on DVD at the end of this week! So I went looking for a another Harry Potter-themed quiz. And Bookstr delivered yet again! In this quiz you get tested on whether you’ve been paying attention in your Hogwarts classes. Can you identify these spells?

  1. Alohomora
    1. Silences your opponent
    2. Opens locked objects
    3. Makes your broom fly
    4. Amplifies your voice
  2. Expecto Patronum
    1. Produces a patronus
    2. makes someone tell the truth
    3. Makes liquor appear
    4. Disarms your opponent
  3. Avada Kedavra
    1. Makes things disappear
    2. Creates bandages
    3. Produces a force-field around you
    4. Murders your opponent
  4. Obliviate
    1. Makes an object slow down
    2. Makes it rain
    3. Erases memory
    4. Reveals a wand’s last spell
  5. Petrificus Totalus
    1. Counts money for you
    2. Makes spells return back to sender
    3. Makes opponent’s body bind
    4. Makes statues come alive
  6. Wingardium Leviosa
    1. Moves objects out of your way
    2. Makes objects fly
    3. Allows you to translate documents
    4. Forces opponent to dance
  7. Stupefy
    1. Protects the area around you
    2. Reveals hidden magical properties
    3. Knocks out your opponent
    4. Tickles your opponent
  8. Lumos
    1. Creates a light at the end of wand
    2. Makes opponent fall over
    3. Makes a bandage
    4. Tortures your opponent
  9. Levicorpus
    1. Brings back the dead
    2. Builds a wall between you and your opponent
    3. Hangs opponent upside down by their feet
    4. Makes leeches come out of opponents mouth
  10. Imperio
    1. Makes a duplicate of an object
    2. Allows you to control your opponent
    3. Flips objects upside down
    4. Allows you to change your appearance

I thought it was a very easy quiz. Most answers don’t even have spells mentioned in the books, so if you’re in the Harry Potter universe, this will be super easy. It’s more of a quiz for first-time readers or people who’ve only watched the movie once or twice. It’s a shame, cause there are a lot more difficult spells out there! Though, the spell to translate a document, I’d kill for that one! Would make my work (and life) a whole lot easier. I got a score of 100%, and judging by the other results – this was either a really easy quiz, or it was only filled out by HP experts…

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Let me know how you did!

Happy quizzing,

Loes M.

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