Poetry: Magic Keys – Leah Gibbs Knobbe

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I couldn’t find a lot of information about Leah Gibbs Knobbe or her poetry. In fact, beyond the poem and that she wrote it, I didn’t find anything. So here’s what I’m guessing she’s like based on this poem: she’s an American poet, she likes books and she’s a teacher or educator of some kind.

I like this poem because it shows why it’s so important for children to read: to learn and discover new things. I love learning through reading, which is why I can really enjoy the occasional biography for example. I’ve also read a lot in school since I chose a language-heavy course load in secondary school and studied language and literature in university. I don’t enjoy reading text books because honestly, who does? But I can really enjoy a good biography or, for example, books about how something came to be.

Without further ado, discover why books are like magic keys right now!

Magic Keys
By Leah Gibbs Knobbe

Would you like to travel far
From the place where now you are?
Read a book!

Would you nature’s secrets know,
How her children live and grow?
Read a book!

Is it adventure that you crave,
On land or on ocean wave?
Read a book!

Would you like to talk with kings?
Or to fly with Lindbergh’s wings?
Read a book!

Would you look on days gone by?
Know scientific reasons why?
Read a book!

The world before you will unfold,
For a magic key you hold
In a book!

Happy reading,

Loes M.


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