Quiz: Can you name the books below from the portion of their covers?

I’ve just discovered a new website that is filled to the brim with fun and interesting book quizzes. If you want to test your book knowledge, go check out Sporcle’s literary quizzes. I’ve decided to start with this first quiz, judging books by their covers. Can you name the books below from the portion of their covers, all 24 of them in 6 minutes?

Post 232.0

It’s a pretty hard quiz! Especially since I’m not used to the original covers, I usually don’t see first editions and I’ve read more translations of the big classics. Some I recognised immediately (the blue dragon, the boy on the moon, the black horse, the apple/orange, the dinosaur skeleton, girl with pig, lion and children), some I guessed after a few tries (the lady in red, the red seal, stephen hawking, naked guy), and then I just randomly typed in book titles which I thought could be on there (hand with smiling planet, blue background with face, red horse). My eventual score? 14/24, which I’m quite proud of!

Post 232.1

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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