National Book Lovers Day

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Every year, the US celebrates National Book Lovers Day on the 9th of August. This day is meant for everybody who loves to read. The goal? To encourage readers to find their favourite reading place and curl up with a good book to read the day away. Unfortunately, the 9th was a Wednesday and since I do have to work to make a living, I was unable to do so. But this coming weekend, I have reserved a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to settle down on my sofa with a cup of tea and just read. Don’t know yet what I’ll be reading, I’ll let my mood lead me!

I’ll be spending the entire weekend surrounded by books anyway. I’m moving in three weeks, and this week is the week that I’m packing up all my books. Well, except for the one box of books that I will be reading until I’ve had a chance to unpack everything again. I’ve already ordered some new (extra) bookshelving units for my new house, so I’m ready to go! I’ve already warned the friends and family that are helping me move that my books will be the heaviest things to move, and probably the most boxes too. Well, what can I say? I just love being surrounded by books!

Anyway, that’s how I’m celebrating National Book Lovers Day! What are your plans? I’d love to find out in the comments! In the meantime, here are some of the prettiest and most interesting Book Lovers Day quotes. Enjoy!

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