Celebrating blog article n° 250

Post 250.0

This is my 250th blog article. I’m impressed with myself. Yes, there were times when I didn’t post much, but I always caught back up. I started this blog back in October 2015, with one post a week. By January 2016, I had moved on to two posts a week and in May 2016, I added the New Releases posts to arrive at a solid three posts a week.

I started with basic reviews about my favourite books, so obviously, the first series of books I tackled was Harry Potter (which is actually one of the biggest categories on my blog because I write about it so much). I then started writing articles about book accessories and gifts, book events, and I started interviewing and researching authors. After I while, I figured out ways to get free books in exchange for interviews and started posting the resulting sponsored posts. In February 2017, I talked about a specific poem for the first time, which also became a new category “poetry”. And two weeks later, towards the end of February, I also started blogging about book quizzes. Obviously, I’ve gone far beyond reviews in since I started 2 years ago. But then, Owlish Books is not a book review blog, it’s a blog about everything Bookish, everything that I love that has to do with books.

I also have a Facebook-page, which you can visit (and like) here! I share my blog posts there and I also share a ton of funny, cute, beautiful bookish photos and memes there. They don’t appear on my blog anywhere, so I thought my 250th post would be the perfect time to spread some more book-love by sharing my top 10 favourite bookish images.

Happy reading as always,

Loes M.


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