Quiz: Can you pick the two well-known literary works whose titles have had one word switched with each other?

I was bored last weekend, so I went on the hunt for some interesting quizzes. The first one I found is about author’s who don’t like the movie adaptations of their books, which I discussed last week. I also found another fun one that plays with famous book titles. You get two groups of book titles and the goal is to connect the two books that are linked. How are they linked? Well, one word from a book title on the left has been switched with one word from a book title on the right. You need to find the words that have been switched and match the titles up. It sounds complicated, but just take your time, read through the titles and match the first ones you’re sure of. It will get easier after a while as you better grasp the concept! Be careful not to match up the wrong ones though – you will be able to continue with the quiz but you’ll be punished for it at the end: the X amount of book titles you matched up wrong, that X amount of book titles will be left over at the end. You have 8 minutes to match up the 28 book pairs.

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I cheated on my last book quiz to get a perfect score, so I really wanted to take my time and do well with this quiz. There were a few that I found immediately (like peach/orange and dream/murder), then a bunch that I had to read a few times before it clicked and I found the switched words and finally there were 3 that I was having trouble with. I couldn’t identify which words didn’t fit the title, but I did figure them out eventually. In about 6 minutes, I ended up with a 100% correct answers, thank you very much. Can you do better?

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