Poetry: Pass The Poems, Please – Jane Baskwill

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Jane Baskwill is an American author, living in Canada. She writes books and articles to help teachers teach better and she has even done a video-series on that same subject. She also wrote a children’s poetry book, three picture books and a children’s novel. She is also an advocate for literacy and getting more people to read, especially children. So she is basically an educator, consultant and author. But I know her for her poetry, specifically the one mentioned below. This poem was published in the children’s poetry book of the same name, Pass The Poems, Please, first published in 1989.

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It’s a poem about poetry, this time, not about books. It’s about the pleasure of poetry and reading poems. I don’t really read poetry books, I do like reading theatre and rhyming stories. I also like reading separate poems, but an entire book filled with poems is a bit much for me. I have never bought a book filled with poems, *confession time*. But I do like reading poems once in a while, and I like the way this poem expresses that.

Pass The Poems, Please
By Jane Baskwill (1989)

Pass the poem please
Pile them on my plate
Put them right in front of me
For I can hardly wait
To take each tangy word
To try each tasty rhyme
And when I’ve tried them once or twice
I’ll try them one more time:
So pass the poems please
They just won’t leave my head
I have to have more poems
Before I go to bed.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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