Boekenbeurs ’17

The countdown towards the Boekenbeurs has started once again! In a little over one month, the halls of Antwerp Expo will once again be laden with publishers, authors, bookshops and books as far as the eye can see!


This year sees the 81st edition of Belgium’s biggest book event and it will take place in Antwerp Expo from Sunday the 29th of October until Sunday the 5th of November. This year’s theme focusses on the exciting relationship between book and image, stories and emotions, impact and co-creation.

Books stimulate the imagination and immerse you into a world of fictional and real characters. Books form your worldview. That is why they’ll be focussing on the exciting relationship between book and image in 2017: stories that have been turned into films, comic books and graphic novels, imaginary tension, trendy lifestyle, crazy worlds, psychological insights, social insights, artistic reports, energetic imagery, intriguing imagery, visualized learning tools, interactive games, virtual realities, real future dreams and more visual cleverness.

Over 90 booths are getting ready for the book highlight of the year by providing a surprising discovery of new books. They invite you to meet their authors and stimulate you with acts and live sessions, workshops, lectures and speed dates. Authors and illustrators will talk to one another and the audience and sign and animate their work.


I’m not really planning a shopping list for this book event. I use one rule of thumb: if it’s a book that I can buy from one of the online stores I use a lot, then I won’t get it at the Boekenbeurs. I go to this event to discover new authors and books, to enjoy the atmosphere and to buy unique books I can’t find anywhere else. Check back in with me in about 6 weeks, and I’ll tell you all about my book haul!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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