Quiz: Which Fantastic Beast Are You?

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I haven’t finished the other books from the blog tour I talked about earlier here and here, so I turned back to a Harry Potter quiz for this article as you can never go wrong with those! So, I immediately took this Bookstr quiz to find out which Fantastic Beast I am.

  1. In the face of an emergency, what would you grab for first?
    1. Gold. All the gold.
    2. Nothing, you saw this emergency coming and prepared ahead of time
    3. Your significant other, even if they were safe
    4. Food
  2. Where would you love to call home?
    1. A lush, green forest
    2. A tropical island
    3. An awesome underground cove
    4. The gorgeous Sahara Dessert
    5. The sky
  3. Pick a cool thing from the magical world:
    1. Invisibility cloak
    2. Patronus Charm
    3. Golden Snitch
    4. Marauder’s Map
    5. Pensieve
  4. Pick a best friend:
    1. Newt Scamander, of course!
    2. No friends, just lovers
    3. Jacob Kowalski, the best No-Maj out there!
    4. Severus Snape
    5. Hermione- after all, she’s a master of charms!
  5. Which is the best colour/texture combo?
    Post 276.1
  6. What gets you in trouble the most?
    1. Your sass
    2. Your inability to stop shopping
    3. Your wits
    4. Your intense longing for love
    5. Your overprotectiveness
  7. What animal speaks to you most?
    Post 276.2
  8. What are you most obsessed with?
    1. Magic
    2. Money
    3. Finding true love
    4. Your best friend

My result? I’m apparently a Demiguise, and I’m quite happy with that result! But I’m not sure if I’m that “peaceful and calm”, but I do like to think that I’m good at giving advice. And then it is true that I don’t always act well under pressure. So, it’s an interesting result and not too cliche, so I’m happy with this quiz!

You are a wise, gentle soul who likes to avoid confrontation and danger. The Demiguise is a truly special fantastic beast. It’s ability to see the future makes it noble and clever. Both you and the Demiguise are incredibly peaceful and calm. People turn to you when they need to be soothed. You don’t always act well under pressure, just like the Demiguise who turns invisible when threatened.

Post 276.3

Which Fantastic Beast will you be? Let me know!

Happy quizzing,

Loes M.

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