Christmas at Two Love Lane – Kieran Kramer

This is book four in the Christmas romance blog tour I’m taking part in. I’ve received these e-books through NetGalley from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. So that’s exactly what I’m going to give them, as a thank you for letting me read these wonderful, Christmassy romance novels!

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Christmas at Two Love Lane is actually the start of a new book series called Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer. It’s the first time I’ve read something by this author, and I wasn’t disappointed! Two Love Lane is actually the name of a matchmaking agency, run by Macy Frost and her friends. She is rumoured to be a descendant of Cupid and takes her work very seriously. So far, all of her clients have ended up in happy relationships. But she’s been so busy, that her own love life has suffered.

That is all about to change when she meets Deacon. This New York bigshot is in town, visiting his aunt. Unfortunately for him, his aunt is kind of a meddler and insists on seeing him happily married, preferably to some high-class girl, improving not only his but also his aunt’s social standing. To pacify his aunt (and quite honestly, to get her to shut up about it), he decides to go to Two Love Lane. But he’s not looking for love or marriage, he wants a few no-string dates to keep everybody happy. But that’s normally not what Macy does. However, she ends up agreeing, setting him up with girls who are also in the mood for a no-strings date with a handsome man.

Of course, things can’t be that easy. Macy wants to convince Deacon that he shouldn’t just date but be open for the possibility of real love. And along the way, Macy finds that she really likes Deacon, and she’s almost tempted to keep him for herself. But she’s way too professional and too busy to let that happen, right? So Deacon, who has now been convinced that he is indeed ready for love, for Macy specifically, senses her hesitation and he steps up. He talks to all the girls and tells him that he’s actually trying to win Macy over. Every date happens to go wrong, forcing Macy to step in. And that’s how the two of them end up quite often, alone and in romantic settings. Eventually, they get their well-deserved happy ending, and it’s so sweet too!

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This is a rather slow-building romance, but I loved that! The Christmas atmosphere and matchmaking company make for a sweet and original background for this story. A few other storylines about the past, present and future intertwine in this romantic love story, making it richer and a more interesting read. It’s believable, realistic and oh, so sweet. Are you ready for some Christmas love and sweetness? Then this is the book for you!

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