Game: Harry Potter – Wizards Unite

Hey guys! It’s finally happening! Remember how the Pokémon Go craze last year also sparked rumours about a Harry Potter Go game? Well, it’s just been revealed that such a game is actually in the works, called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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But, let’s start at the beginning. I don’t think I have to explain Pokémon, right? If you don’t know what that is, how are you reading this blog? Because I don’t think you have access to the internet! You can find the basics here. Then in July 2016, Pokémon Go was released by Niantic. This mobile game is available for Android and Apple and basically allows you to be a Pokémon trainer in the real world. So you open the app and first set up your profile and choose one of three teams. Then, you walk around in your neighbourhood, looking for Pokémon which will be shown on a little map. You can catch them and raise them with candy and by winning fights. Because you can not only find Pokémon by walking around, but also a lot of Gyms. Every Gym is controlled by one of the three teams, and you can join the battles to win the Gym. There are also PokéStops where you can get free items like eggs, Poké Balls, potions, and lots of other things to help you succeed in the game. Obviously, you can also buy these items through in-app purchases.

When Pokémon Go was announced, people all over the world couldn’t wait to play the game. Not only because it was a new type of Pokémon game, but also because it would get people (read: gamers who are usually stuck behind a computer or game console) to exercise and be out in the world, it would be a game where people can play together in real life, and people were also really excited for the AR effects! There are two ways to play the game: like any normal game on your phone, or by using Augmented Reality. If you activate AR, it will improve your game experience and make it more “real”. When you go to catch a Pokémon, you have to move your phone around to find out exactly where it is and throw a Poké Ball at it. If AR is activated, the app will use your phone’s camera and project the Pokémon into your actual surroundings.

In November 2016, rumours started flying that a Harry Potter version would be in the works. The “Harry Potter Go” game was in the news all over the world, but it was soon after denied that such a game was under development. Both Niantic, the app developer, and Warner Bros. (who own the rights to the movies) denied they were working on it and the rumours died down.

Fast-forward one year later: on November 9th, 2017 the Harry Potter mobile game was officially announced! Like Pokémon Go, it will also use Augmented Reality to show digital images on top of real-life objects when seen through a smartphone or tablet camera. Niantic is working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (who are by the way also developing new console games for Harry Potter) and WB Games San Fransisco to make this happen. We don’t know much yet!

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The game is set for release somewhere in 2018 and more information will also be given in 2018. Here’s their official blog post by the way. They tell us to stay tuned on their website (where you can sign up to a newsletter to receive any and all updates first) and social media (Twitter, Facebook) to follow along.

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Are you excited? I know I am! I might even go so far as to ask for a power bank for my iPhone for Christmas in preparation.

Wizards unite!

Loes M.


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