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It is that time of year again and Christmas isn’t very far off anymore. The best gift-givers will have been thinking about what to get their loved ones ever since the day after Christmas last year. But we can all become great gift-givers if we start preparing right now. We have about a month and a half left to find those perfect gifts for our friends and family. And why don’t you let me help you with that? Here are some amazing gift ideas (available in Europe) for those Harry Potter fans you know and love!

Obviously, we can’t talk about Harry Potter Christmas gifts without mentioning a certain little something from Target: the Harry Potter 12 Days of Socks Set. Unfortunately, these have been such an amazing, viral and worldwide success that they are sold out. Everywhere. Maybe you’ll be able to find some in Target stores in America, but I doubt it (by the way, if you do find them: send them to me, pretty please?). They are also no longer available online, and they don’t ship to anywhere in Europe besides the UK either. So I continued my quest for amazing Harry Potter gifts this Christmas.

So, if we’re talking Harry Potter, we’re talking books. The British Library has just opened it’s “A History of Magic” exhibition. They have also published to accompanying books which need to be on every Harry Potter fan’s shelves! I’ve already bought the first one, but I’m waiting to find out the difference between the two before I decide if I buy the other one as well. I’m talking of course about Harry Potter: A History of Magic and Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic, both of which are available on Amazon and most bookstores near you!

Next up, we have an item that isn’t really new. I bought this game for myself in the Harry Potter shop in London’s King’s Cross station last year. The first time I played it, was with my dearest @thamesgia, whose knowledge of Harry Potter surpasses mine. She got 95% of questions correct, I would estimate I was at about 80%. The second time was with a group of friends who have all read and watched Harry Potter but aren’t as fanatic as me. And they enjoyed it too! I’m talking about the Trivial Pursuit box of Harry Potter questions of course, which you can find on Amazon here.

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Hardcore Harry Potter fans will also want to show off their favourite fandom outside the house. And what better way to do that then by running around in Harry Potter clothing? Like this Hogwarts t-shirt from Zalando for example. Or what about this light grey Deathly Hallows sweater from Undiz that’s perfect for lounging about? I’ve actually ordered that sweater myself! I’m just waiting for it to arrive at the store near where I work to go and pick it up. I was planning on wrapping it and putting it under my Christmas tree, but I probably won’t wait another 6 weeks before I can put it on…

We also can’t forget the entire Harry Potter collection by Primark of course. Unfortunately, these are not available for order online – as Primark doesn’t have a webshop. But the collection is quite extensive and every store will carry at least some of the items. It’s hard to choose my favourite amongst them. So maybe it’s better that they don’t deliver? I think I probably would have ordered almost everything! Anyway, here are some of my favourite items (I promise I tried to limit the pictures, but I failed):

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What I often do when I’m looking for gift ideas, especially if they are related to books, TV or movies, is check Asian websites. They often offer many things related to your favourite books or characters for reasonable prices. Yes, you do have to wait almost a month to get your items delivered, but that’s why you need to prepare for these things! So, I just went on my two top Asian e-commerce sites Mini In The Box and Ali Express, and here’s what I found! A pretty and funky blue pillow, a lovely silver bracelet, a wand of your choosing, action figures, and a number of great wall stickers: Platform 9 3/4, Life’s a struggle, Albus Dumbledore and Believing in yourself.

And last but not least, I also found a lot of interesting and original stuff on Etsy. Like this mug for teachers, or these posters for instance. Or how about this bowl of jewelry, this Harry Potter notebook, or this Butterbeer candle? Girls will love this set of makeup brushes and this decorative Liquid Luck bottle will brighten up any home. This ugly Christmas sweater is just delightful, as is this bath bomb, and this lovely key chain.

So, did this help? Do you know what to buy your Harry Potter loving friends now? Or did you come here to add stuff to your own wishlist? Good luck!

Happy reading,

Loes M.


    1. Right?! I just came back from London and found so many amazing stuff there, so much more choice than in Belgium. (yes, that is part of the reason why I went to London in the first place ^^)

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