Romance author – holiday Q&A: Kieran Kramer

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In October and November, I took part in St. Martin’s Press holiday blog tour. I’ve read and reviewed all the books from that blog tour, but we also got the chance to ask the authors some questions, all Holiday-related of course. Time to see what Kieran Kramer had to say!

When do the holidays officially start for you?

Thanksgiving Day, as soon as I turn on the TV to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Can’t miss the Rockettes segment, ever!

What’s your favourite thing about the holidays?

Inhaling the delicious scent of the Christmas tree, seeing the twinkling lights, hanging out with the family and our friends.

Are there any holiday traditions you do every year without fail?

I always make frosted sugar cookies, and I always try to watch as many Christmas movies as I can. I also try to go to the Holiday Boat Parade in Charleston harbour!

What’s your favourite holiday movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life; I never get tired of it!

Do you have a favourite holiday book?

Definitely How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What’s your all-time favourite holiday song?

Away in the Manger sung by Julie Andrews – the UK version of the melody.

What’s your favourite activity during fall or winter?

Baking bread, using my crockpot, reading cosy books, buying myself winter clothes, going to parties, eating holiday cookies.

What’s your favourite gift you’ve ever received or given?

My favourite gift is having my family all together in one place. Nothing matters more. Sometimes we can’t all be together, so I cherish the Christmases that we can celebrate under one roof.

Do you have any items on your wish list this year?

Yes, having my own little family together again – the last two years some of us have been overseas. But if I have to mention something from the store, I’d love to have some canvases and paint and painting lessons!

Any resolutions or goals for next year?

Yes, to slow down and get centred, to really look around each day and marvel at this beautiful world filled with people who all want to love and be loved. I refuse to let the haters in. Oh, and I have to keep dancing to my Alexa, haha!!

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