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After finally confirming that there will be a Harry Potter-version of Pokemon GO!, called Harry Potter – Wizards Unite, Pottermore revealed another game that is in the works! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be released sometime in 2018 and is being called “a story-driven mobile narrative role-playing game, in which players can attend our favourite wizarding school as a student.”

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You can follow developments on the game’s website and sign up to be informed when it’s launched. You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Creater Portkey Games describes it as “the first game in which players can create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student.” So basically, a Sims set in the Harry Potter world – but without the building houses aspect? Oh yes, that sounds amazing!

So you design yourself a character and you’ll get your owl telling you you’ve been accepted to Hogwarts. Then you can settle in, and move through the years taking classes, exams and hanging out with friends. You can also take part in the extra-curricular activities like the Duelling Club for example. I’m guessing there will also be something Quidditchy to do, but no news on that yet.

So far, that is all we know. I’m super excited! Probably even more excited for this game than the AR-game mentioned earlier. How about you guys?

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