Poetry: I Like a Book – M. Lucille Ford

Again a practically anonymous poem that I found online. I have no idea who M. Lucille Ford is, and I can’t find out anything about her online except that she wrote this poem and another one called Heroes We Never Name. So, let’s imagine! Lucille is obviously a woman. She also loves books of course, or she wouldn’t be writing poetry about it. She also likes rhyming? Let’s see. I’m also going to say that she doesn’t like living adventures, but she loves reading about them. She’s into history and she isn’t one of those people with dozens of friends. She has a few very close friends and a bunch of acquaintances.

I Like a Book
By M. Lucille Ford

I like a book. It tells me things
Of ancient peoples and their kings
And what they used to do;
Of giants in some far-off land
And things I hardly understand,
Both make-believe and true.

I like books. It’s fun to see
How interesting they can be –
As people are. And so
I try to treat them like a friend
And many pleasant hours spend
In learning what they know.

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Happy reading,

Loes M.

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