The Frog Who Was Blue – Faiz Kermani

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The Frog Who Was Blue is not only a great children’s book, buying it will also contribute to a good cause. Two very good reasons to buy it! The author Faiz Kermani is a scientist in daily life, a writer on the side and involved in various literacy projects with schools. He also works with charities, like the World Medical Fund. The story takes place in Malawi and was created specifically for the WMF. The goal is to raise the profile of the charity and raise some money. The book will be also be used in Malawian school libraries and in the WMF health clinics. They don’t get a lot of new books, certainly not with stories set in Malawi. The goal is to provide a diversion from the medical challenges and encourage the children to read more.

The World Medical Fund works in central Malawi, one of the least developed regions of an already poor African nation. They believe that healthcare is a basic right for every child, not a luxury. Their focus is on Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable children, including AIDS orphans. They work closely with the local community in Malawi, involving a team of 150 Village Health Assistants.

So anyway, I was very happy to receive this book in the mail! Faiz’s package not only included the book, but also a handwritten letter and card from the author himself, a document with advance information from the publisher, and a bunch of stickers, bookmarks, and other promotional materials. This is the third package I’ve gotten from Faiz, and I love opening them! They always include personal touches and fun extra’s, I really appreciate that!

The story is set in Malawi and it’s about a blue frog named Biriwita. He is accepted to the most famous school for frogs in Malawi: Croak College. But when he gets there, he is the only blue frog and he is very different from the other green frogs. They turn their back on him because he is too different.

“What’s wrong with you?
Why are you blue?
You’re the strangest frog we’ve seen
normal frogs are green!”

The story takes a few interesting twists and turns and involves a great, big adventure for Biriwita. Luckily, in the end, everything turns out right. The green frogs learn to accept their blue frog friend and they all have fun together. They even turn their song around!

“Who cares if you’re not green,
you’re the bravest frog we’ve seen.
Everyone knows it’s true
that the finest frogs are blue!”

It’s a fun, witty read that will appeal to readers of all ages. It’s specifically written for readers between 7 and 9 years old. The moral of the story? Being different than others is not a bad thing! It’s a charming and fun tale with a sturdy moral underneath. What’s not to love? I know I loved reading it!

Happy reading!

Loes M.

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