Game: Harry Potter – Hogwarts Mystery


I’ve just found out that the game has been in beta-testing for a while now. And many people have been posting walkthroughs and game videos on YouTube. I scanned some of them, but I don’t like watching other people play games AND I want to experience the game firsthand. I want it all to be new and exciting. So I turned all of those videos off and returned to the official Facebook page. And I found some new goodies there! A new video showing some gameplay moments:

We’ve also got some new pictures. Let’s admire Dumbledore’s portrait, a young Tonks and a puppy Fang!

They have been testing the game for a while now. At the end of January, they hosted a panel at the Universal Orlando Resort about the game. It was broadcasted live on Facebook, you can watch it right here.

The game is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2018… That’s right now! By the looks of the promotion going on, I’d say we won’t have to wait much longer. I’m guessing on an April release. Anyway, back to the new goodies. On the first of March, a new trailer came out!

UPDATE: at the end of March and early April, they released two more clips. In the first, we see some gameplay of a girl defeating devil’s snare (remember, at the end of The Philosopher’s Stone?). And in the second clip, we see how duelling will be taught.

I really can’t wait for this game to come out! So let’s all get excited together, enjoy!

Happy (soon to be) gaming,

Loes M.

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