Quiz: What Fictional Magic School Do You Belong In?

Yes, it’s time for another Harry Potter quiz! I’m just all over Harry Potter while waiting for the mobile game to be released! So when I stumbled upon this BuzzFeed quiz, it felt like my prayers were being answered. Well, to be honest, I was actively googling for Harry Potter quizzes, so I didn’t really “stumble upon” it. But anyway, Harry Potter!

Post 341.0

And the question of the day is: What Fictional Magic School Do You Belong In? Again, being honest, it isn’t such a hard quiz to “get right”. The answers are pretty straightforward and quite easy to steer towards the school you want. But, I answered all the questions honestly, and I got the response I wanted!

  1. What area of magic would you most like to learn?
    1. Flying
    2. Healing
    3. The Dark Arts
    4. Alchemy
    5. Mind Control
    6. All of it
  2. Pick a magical familiar:
    1. Cat
    2. Black Cat
    3. Owl
    4. Horse
    5. Dog
    6. Wolf
  3. What do you look for in a school?
    1. Close community
    2. Rich history
    3. Beautiful campus
    4. Prestige
    5. Safety
    6. Loose rules
  4. Someone attacks you! What do you do?
    1. Disarm them
    2. Shield yourself
    3. Curse them
    4. Fly away
    5. Use a countercharm
    6. Make yourself invisible
  5. Your ideal campus is:
    1. In a forest
    2. On a mountain
    3. By a lake
    4. A Castle
    5. In a city
    6. In a desert

As I said, I got my desired answer, which is of course… Hogwarts! So, which school are you hoping for? And what was your result?

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Happy quizzing,

Loes M.

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