Vegas Dumb Luck – Sharon Kleve

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Vegas Dumb Luck is another fun short read by romance author Sharon Kleve. She gave me an e-book copy for review – thanks again for that! This story is set in the thrilling world of Las Vegas and involves a jack-of-all-trades girl named P.J. She has been working odd jobs for a long time, but her real passion is matchmaking. She has a real knack for it and she loves helping people find love, especially in unexpected places.

So when her gambling-addicted brother rolls into town, she knows he’s either coming to ask for money or for her matchmaking services. This time, it’s the latter. It seems he has gotten himself in too deep with a loan shark, and he has promised that P.J. will help the guy find love, in order for some more time to pay back his loan. She meets with the loan shark once, where he quickly explains to her what he is looking for. Luckily, at one of her odd jobs, she has met a girl who has been down on her luck and who is looking to marry a rich, older guy to take care of her. After some wrangling, she manages to the two of them together, and they immediately hit it off. P.J. saves the day again!

This book really reminded me of Sharon’s earlier “Sage McGuire” romance series. That series of four books also revolved around a strong female character who seems to be a magnet for accidents and misfortune. Both of these female leads have super masculine boyfriends who worry about them and try to keep them out of trouble and failing at doing so. Both women are sassy, not afraid to stand up for themselves and kind of badass.

I hope there will be more P.J. Stone books to come! I can’t wait to read them!

This is a perfect book to read on the train, or by the pool. It’s short and contained. There is not too much blabla or stuff going on that aren’t relevant to the plotline. Because it’s short and compact, we immediately dive into the story and meet P.J. There are different sides of her highlighted making for a well-rounded character, especially for such a short story. I loved it! If you are looking for a sexy, fun read with a bit of an edge, you’ll love it too!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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