Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Earlier, I already wrote a blog article about the announcement of the second Fantastic Beasts film. I just went back online to see if the new trailer had already come out, and to my surprise it had! I was so wrapped up in the Harry Potter game, that I completely missed this. So let’s make up for that right now! Here is the official teaser trailer:

So, let’s discuss! What does this trailer tell us? Well, we’re back at Hogwarts, where we meet the professor Dumbledore. The Ministry thinks that Dumbledore has sent Newt Scamander to Paris. It isn’t said why, but we can infer that Dumbledore has sent Newt to Paris since that is where Grindelwald is amassing followers. Dumbledore wants Newt to stop Grindelwald, because he says he can’t do so himself.

We see Dumbledore and Newt, but Tina, Queenie and Jacob are back as well, including a number of fantastic beasts. We also get a brief glimpse of Leta Lestrange, so her history with Newt will probably be explored as well. I think the boy on the roof that we get a glimpse of is Credence and the black cloud is his Obsucrus. No idea about who the boy underwater is, though. Any guesses? And there’s a number of new bad guys that we meet, most likely Grindelwald’s followers. I wonder if they have a name like the Death Eaters as well? And of course, then there’s Grindelwald himself.

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I’m also guessing that the entire Grindelwald-Dumbledore relationship will be further explored here. By the way, if you don’t mind spoilers and you want to know what’s up with all of that: check out this video that explains all that. Though, I wouldn’t exactly call them spoilers. Everything that is in that video, we’ve already read about in the books and on Pottermore. But if you’re a HP newbie and you want the full movie experience, I’d suggest skipping that YouTube video!

I can’t wait for this movie! As soon as tickets go on sale in my local theater, I’ll be buying them. And not for just one showing, but several! I’ve already promised to go see it with several friends and family members anyway!

16th of November, here we come!

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