Poetry: Reading in Bed – Helen H. Moore

Helen H. Moore is the pen-name of Helen O’Reilly. Under this pen-name she has published memoirs, children’s novels and poetry. Under her real last name O’Reilly, she has recently released her first adult novel. Besides being an author, she’s also a teacher, a journalist, a cartoonist, a speaker and an editor.

She is most probably most famous for her best-selling poetry volume A Poem a Day, which was designed to be used in class. Teaching about counting, colours, telling time, animals, adjectives, rhyming, friendship and more will become easy with this poem a day handbook. Below is my absolute favourite of her poems, about reading in bed – something I used to do all the time as a kid, and still enjoy from time to time today.

Reading in Bed
By Helen H. Moore

Oh, what could be better
Than reading in bed,
Or thinking about
All the books that you’ve read?

With someone who loves you,
A father, a mother,
A doll, or a pet,
Or a sister or brother,

A grandma, a grandpa,
An uncle, an aunt –
(Can you think of anything better?
I can’t!)

While outside the sky
Is all twinkling with light,
From stars that shine down
As we sleep through the night.

Oh, what could be better
Than sleeping in bed,
When the books that you love
Fill the dreams in your head?

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Happy reading,

Loes M.

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