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I’ve recently been seeing a lot of fandom posts about the mobile Harry Potter game Hogwarts Mystery. I didn’t immediately realize what it was, but now that I do – I love it! I love to see what the fandom is doing to incorporate what we’ve learned in the game into the Harry Potter fandom – and putting their own twist on it! Here are some of my favourite fandom posts listed below.

Post 367.1

Post 367.2

Post 367.3

Post 367.4

Post 367.5

Post 367.6

Post 367.7

Post 367.8

By the way, MC stands for “Main Character” – so that’s the girl or boy that you are playing with. You got to choose the name, sex and look of this character, so the fandom is keeping it MC for clarity.

If you stumble upon some other fandom posts about the game, please let me know. I find this so entertaining and I’d love to see what you guys like!

By the way! I also just found out that the Rowan character is either male or female – based on the sex of the character you are playing with. Best friend Rowan always has the same sex as the MC or ‘main character’ apparently.

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