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Hello fellow Potterheads! If, like me, you are playing the Hogwarts Mystery game and loving it – welcome! I’ll be sharing some tips & tricks here to help you maximise your playtime without having to resort to buying energy, diamonds or coins.

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So you need energy to complete your lessons and to do most of the other actions to advance in the game. If I’m not mistaken, you start with a maximum amount of 24 energy points, and that maximum increases with 1 everytime you level up. Every four minutes, you get a new energy point until you’ve reached your maximum.

But how do you get extra energy? Firstly, you can choose energy as a reward when you’ve finished a class. But you can also get extra energy by tapping on certain objects in specific locations:

  • East Towers: first blank portrait, Peeves
  • West Towers: the second portrait
  • Lower Floor – West: the column on the right of the Great Hall entrance, the second suit of armour
  • Dungeons: house-elf
  • Castle Grounds: branch on the ground
  • Lower Floor – East: books on the bench
  • Hogsmeade: the boy in the first alley waving at you
  • Forbidden Forest: the first spider web next to the Spider’s Lair

House Points

If you win the House Cup at the end of your school year, you will get a bonus 150 gems to buy extras in the in-game store. You can earn House Points by completing certain tasks and events. Some actions will also lose you House Points. But what actions will win or lose you points? A definitive list is difficult because it depends on your House. You need to make sure to always act and answer according to your House. Choose dialogue options that suit the major characteristics of your House to get the best results:

  • For Gryffindor, choose brave and daring (sometimes indicated with the green Courage icon)
  • For Hufflepuff, stay dedicated and loyal (sometimes indicated with the pink Empathy icon)
  • For Ravenclaw, choose intelligent and witty answers (sometimes indicated with the blue Knowledge icon)
  • For Slytherin, be ambitious and cunning

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You earn coins by finishing quests and taking classes. You can use them to buy yourself new clothes in the in-game store. But the more important use for these coins is in dueling and to improve your friendships. For both of these actions, you will need to pay around $ 100 to take part. The coins will be substracted whether you finish successfully or not.


The Duelling Club is located in the Dungeons and will only be open during certain tasks or challenges. Dueling basically works like a rock-paper-scissors game. There are three possible moves:

  • Aggressive – beats sneaky, is beaten by defensive
  • Sneaky – beats defensive, is beaten by aggressive
  • Defensive – beats aggressive, is beaten by sneaky

If you both use the same move, the person with the least amount of stamina (or health), will gain a few stamina points. If you win, you’ll get to use an action based on your move. So Defensive moves will include more healing spells, Aggressive moves will be more attack spells and potions and Sneaky is a little bit in between. The spells or potions you use can have an effect on yourself (healing) or on your opponent (attacking). These effects can last for one turn or multiple turns. For example, you can heal yourself once and have the effect last for two more turns. If you attack, your opponent could be stunned for a few turns. You win a duel by depleting all of the stamina (or health) of your opponent.

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Are you ready to go conquer the wizarding world in Hogwarts Mystery? GO, GO, GO!

Happy wizarding,

Loes M.

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