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Friendships have always been a part of the Hogwarts Mystery game. Cultivating these friendships will level them up, unlocking additional story content and earning free rewards. Finding new friends can’t be forced. You will meet new people going through the storyline. As you progress further through the school years, you will be able to meet and befriend more people – each with their own personality traits, skills, and values.

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Early on, you could only level up friendships with “Handshake Quests” that popped up naturally throughout the game. But a while ago, friendship actions were added. There are three places where you can spend some coins to level up your friendships:

  • Hogsmeade: in the Three Broomsticks you can “Drink Butterbeer” with friends
  • Lower Floor – West: in the Great Hall you can have a ‘Meal with a Friend”
  • Lower Floor – West: further down, you can “Play Gobstones” in the Courtyard

So, after spending some coins, you will get a few turns where your friend will ask you questions. Right answers will fill up the diamond meter. Wrong answers will sometimes deplete the diamond meter. You need at least one diamond in order to get points towards leveling up your friendship. Leveling up will get you extra energy, new clothes, and other rewards. 10 is the maximum level, by the way.

The friends you can make (so far) are:

  •  Rowan Khanna is a voracious reader and aspires to be the youngest professor at Hogwarts. Rowan’s knowledge can help you solve any mystery.
  • Muggle-born Ben Copper is supremely gifted at Charms. he strives to use his abilities to help his friends any way that he can, even if he fears just about everything.
  • Pleasant and popular Penny Haywood knows all the latest gossip around Hogwarts. She can use her potion skills to get you out of tricky situations.
  • Bill Weasley grew up in the Burrow with his parents and six younger siblings. Academically exceptional, Bill is a steadfast Gryffindor and a strong dueller.
  • Nymphadora Tonks is a free-spirited metamorphmagus with a penchant for rule-breaking. her unique skills are incredibly useful to her friends, making her a powerful ally.
  • Tulip Karasu thinks fast, pranks rebelliously, and gets through Hogwarts by her wits. She has a special prank for every situation that can help you, if she trusts you.
  • Barnaby Lee casts his Charms with brute force. His bullheadedness can clear any obstacle, and his knowledge of Slytherin could prove useful…
  • Andre Egwu has a passion for Quidditch matched only by his passion for wizard fashion. He works hard, plays hard, and dresses the part.
  • Charlie Weasley is Bill’s younger brother and has a great love for dragons. When not on the Quidditch pitch, he can help explore areas where magical creatures lurk.

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