Poetry: When You Can Read – Bobbi Katz

This is not the first poem about books and reading that I’ve found and loved by Bobbi Katz. In April of last year, I talked about another one of her poems: Storyboat. The poem below is similar but more focused on reading that on the story itself. It’s kind of like a guide on how to read, on how to get lost in a book. It explains what reading is all about: just follow the words into new adventures and new games. Love it!

When You Can Read
By Bobbi Katz

When you can read, then you can go
from Kalamazoo to Idaho –
Or read directions that explain
just how to build a model plane –
Or bake a cake or cook a stew –
The words will tell you what to do!
When you can read, then you can play
a brand new game the proper way –
Or get a letter from a friend
and read it . . . to the very end!

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Happy reading,

Loes M.

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