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Summer vacation is starting in just two days. So it’s time to get our summer reading on! And I’m not talking about the books you have to read for school, but the books you want to read. The books you’ve put away to read by the pool, your favourite books that you’ll be rereading on the plane or in the car, the travel books waiting to be thumbed through on your holiday, …

Here are some tips for your summer reading:

  • The best summer reading is done outside, just make sure you’re using sun cream or spend ample time in the shade
  • Make sure the sun isn’t shining directly on the page, blinding you
  • Sit down comfortably with a nice view in front of you
  • Read from real books, tablets or e-readers don’t count
  • Read something different than what you read during the year
  • Switch between fiction and non-fiction
  • Read a book from start to end, only stopping for food and bathroom breaks
  • Ask for reading recommendations from your friends and families
  • Take books with you wherever you go

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  • Read at home, by the pool, on vacation, while on a picknick, on a terrace, …
  • Plan your reading time
  • A book bores you? Switch to another!
  • Why not try writing your own book or short story?
  • Go to the library and ask your librarian for a recommendation
  • Read this year’s bestsellers
  • Ask your local bookstore for their favourite books
  • Why not read a magazine in between?
  • Or a comic book?
  • Or some essays?

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So, that’s it for my tips! What are your tips for really enjoying your summer reading? And what books will you be reading during the coming two months? Let me know!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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