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I love vampires! I’ve been reading a lot of vampire and werewolves (or other shapeshifters) stories lately. But, I have to admit something: I’ve never read the classic, original Dracula story. I know, I know, horrible of me! But it is on my list. The book is waiting for me in the front of my to-read list and all the way on the right of my to-read shelf. And a review will follow shortly after, I promise! And one of my favourite storytelling posts, was in fact about the legend of Dracula – in a cave system in Hungary.

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But anyway, back to it! I’ve just found a Dracula quiz on Goodreads on this Friday the thirteenth. So, I had to take it of course!

  1. Who wrote Dracula?
    1. Anne Rice
    2. Bram Stoker
    3. Edgar Allan Poe
    4. Stephenie Meyer
  2. Dracula is an epistolary novel, which means…
    1. It is told as a series of letters
    2. It is told in the first person
    3. It is told in flashback
  3. What is Jonathan Harker’s occupation?
    1. Doctor
    2. Journalist
    3. Banker
    4. Solicitor
  4. What is Jonathan’s fiancée’s name?
    1. Elizabeth Lavenza
    2. Lucy Westenra
    3. Mina Murray
    4. Catherine Earnshaw
  5. Dracula makes his way to London by…?
    1. He flies
    2. Ship
    3. Carriage
    4. Train
  6. What is the name of Dr. Seward’s mental patient who interacts with Dracula?
    1. Igor
    2. Ichabod
    3. Renfield
    4. Van Helsing
  7. Why does Jonathan Harker travel to Dracula’s castle?
    1. To finalize a deal on Dracula’s London property
    2. He is seduced by Dracula
    3. He is to wed one of the Brides of Dracula
  8. Which character is turned into a vampire?
    1. Mina Murray
    2. Jonathan Harker
    3. Lucy Westenra
    4. Van Helsing
  9. What happens when Dracula drinks a lot of blood?
    1. He makes a new vampire
    2. He gains strength
    3. He appears younger
  10. Which of the following forms is Dracula NOT known to have taken?
    1. A cloud of mist
    2. A bat
    3. A dog or wolf
    4. An eagle
  11. How is Dracula destroyed in the end?
    1. Throat slit and heart stabbed by knife
    2. Dunked in holy water
    3. Wooden stake through the heart
    4. Covered in garlic

Auwtch, I really need to read that book! Only got 5 out of 11 correct. I’m embarrassed!

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Seriously, if you answered number 4 in the 1st question, get away from this blog! I don’t have anything against her, I read Twilight and liked it and I love some of her other work. But come on!

Anyway, happy quizzing!

Loes M.

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