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Do you know those Pinterest holes? That you decide to quickly check your notifications, but you end up going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, just swiping and liking and swiping and liking … and all of a sudden an hour has passed? Yes, it’s time wasted, but I really love it when that happens. Because I stumble upon the most amazing things. Like a Disney Movies Watch List from The Typical Mom blog for example!

I love Disney! We owned dozens of video cassettes with the great Disney classics. As I was filling in this Watch List, it really dawned on me how much of my Disney-love came from my parents, as I’ve seen 90% of these movies at home on cassette. Yes, an old video cassette that required a cassette player. But we didn’t throw them away! They are still at my parents’ house, along with a cassette player, so my nieces and nephews can bask in the Disney magic as well. And at my house, I have DVDs of my all-time favourite Disney classics and most of their recent releases.

I have thought about what my all-time favourite Disney movie would be, but I’m stuck on two and I can’t choose between them.

And yes, saying Peter Pan is my all-time favourite Disney movie and not having seen the second Peter Pan is close to a capital crime. But it’s on my list! I have seen almost every other movie adaptation and TV series though! Both of Peter Pan and Robin Hood.

But now I want to know about you! What are your favourite Disney films? Are you more a fan of the originals or the newest Disney animation movies? Let me know in the comments!

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Loes M.

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