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Preparing for Boekenbeurs ’18

Yes, I’m early. But I’m doing my blog planning for the rest of the year. So I was just cataloging all the upcoming book events I want to write about. And then I saw that they’ve already announced the theme for the Boekenbeurs this year.

The theme this year is “word”. Hmm, a bit vague, right? Basically, this year’s event will be honoring the word in all of its forms: spoken, written, drawn, printed, whispered, yelled, heard. I do like that! It will be bigger than just books and comics, they’ll be inviting people from the debate world, the art industry, literature and knowledge with experts from all over the years.

Here are some important dates:

The organization has also shared some stats:

I will definitely be there! I still have to figure out on what dates, but that will depend on which authors will be present. So I’m still waiting on that list to go up.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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