Boardroom Bride and Groom – Shirley Jump

Boardroom Bride and Groom Shirley Jump

The Boardroom Bride and Groom by Shirley Jump is not your average romance novel. It’s not filled with endless clichés, there’s no meet-cute or unfortunate misunderstandings. There’s two people, meeting each other, and dealing with problems in their own life. As the blurb says:

For gorgeous lawyer Nick Gilbert, an after-hours rendezvous with a woman usually means a romantic dinner, not a children’s charity picnic. But he’s game! Especially as his date is his rather prim but intriguing colleague, Carolyn Duff…. Watching her with the little kids, Nick sees a new side of Carolyn. He starts to understand the glimmer of sadness behind her dazzling green gaze. When the real woman behind the all-business facade is laid bare, Nick has never seen anyone more beautiful…

Though the blurb doesn’t really describe the set-up of the story very well. Nick and Carolyn are more than just colleagues. A few years ago, they got married in Vegas in a rush, and then divorced a few days later. Both have changed in the meantime and both are dealing with their own issues. They are working on it though, and manage to help each other grow. They develop their relationship (again) quite naturally, supporting each other and being there for the other one.

He is the carefree bachelor, never settling dow and refusing to grow up. She is a super uptight workaholic who doesn’t know how to let go. She helps hom grow up and find purpose, while he givers her a chance to relax and let go. Both find a new goal in life, when they learn to let go of their past. And their crazy, uninhibited young love is now the foundation of a deep and meaningful relationship that is built to last.

There’s a lot of mystery, darkness and heavy feelings in this book. So if that is not your cup of tea, then this is not the book for you. If you don’t mind a little darkness, and you love character development, then this might romance should be able to capture your interest and attention.

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