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Quiz: What book genre fits you best?

Hello again, my bookish people. I’ve found another quiz to entertain you and me today! So let’s dive into a quiz to determine what book genre fits you best. Personally, I know the answer for me, but let’s see if the quiz agrees.

So one of the answers is obviously historical fiction, while another is mystery. The answers are pretty geared to genres you can end up with. I picked answers that I would actually go for in real life and ended up with:

However, I don’t at all like realistic fiction! I like to read as an escape, to discover things that are different from my own life. I prefer fantasy, YA and even romance novels. I do like my romances to be realistic, but everything fantasy and YA should be as far removed from reality as possible. If I had answered these questions with regards to what I wanted to read about, the result would have been quite different of course!

But anyway, let me know your results. And also, if you agree with them or not.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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