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I’m challenging myself this year! Do you know Vlogmas? You know, where vloggers and YouTubers post a new video (or vlog) every day in the month of December to get Christmas going? Well, I’m doing the same. But since I’m horrible at making videos and this is a blog, I’m doing blogmas! One blogpost every day.

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I was a little scared that I might not have enough to write about… Okay no, that is a lie; I just really, really, really love Christmas. So I bought myself an advent calendar… or 5. So everyday, I will be sharing what was in my calendars, and share some more Christmas-related content.

The 5 advent calendars I will be sharing with you are:

2018-12-01 13.49.02.jpg

On the top left is a calendar from Ikea, filled with chocolates and two Ikea coupons. I believe it cost about € 17, but you are guaranteed to receive coupons of € 15, so this calendar really only cost about € 2. Also, there are a few lucky calendars where you can find coupons of several thousands of euros even. So fingers crossed!

In the middle on top is a small calendar from Kinder Chocolates. Your classical calendar, filled with little chocolate eggs from the Kinder brand. I love it!

The calendar top right is one from FunkoPOP, in the theme of Harry Potter. I’ve searched for two months actually, to find a Harry Potter advent calender. I’m happy I finally found one, even though it was a little pricey, about € 60, shipping included. But it’s filled with  Harry Potter Funko Pop figures, which will be great for my collection!

Bottom left is a Star Wars calendar, ordered on Amazon. It was about € 25, if I remember correctly, but I think it’s more tailored towards children, than adult fans.

And then bottom right is a make-up advent calendar from Body Collection which I ordered on their UK website. It’s filled with small, travel size make-up products.

I can’t wait to share this Christmas period with you!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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