Blogmas 2: my Christmas shopping

Guys, it’s amazing! All my Christmas shopping is done (well, except for a small gift for my mom that I still need to pick up). I’m quite impressed with myself actually. Not because I’m one of those people who does their Christmas shopping 2 days beforehand. But I always have a hard time deciding what to buy for people, and this year, I had it all figured out quite early. Yay me! Sorry for all those of you who are already panicking at the thought of what to buy…

I got my dad a little book of envelopes, meant for his granddaughters (my nieces). They contain instructions for him to write his letters, to be opened on a specific date in the future. I thought it was really cute and it gives him the opportunity to share advice, memories and more with his granddaughters. I’m excited to give it to him! My little sister (who just bought a house with her boyfriend) is getting scented candles, a drinking game and a little recipe book for cocktails for their many housewarming parties. For my big sister (the mother of my nieces), I bought a collection of Tiny stories to read to her daughter. She was a big fan of those books when she was younger, and this way, she can share her favourite children’s books with her daughters. And for my mom, I’m looking for a set of cute suction cups to put on wine glasses so that you recongize which one is yours, since there was a little tiff recently between her and my sister after my mother drank from my sister’s glass twice. I’m sure she’ll see the humour in that!

Besides my immediate family, I of course also got my nieces some gifts! The little one who is now 3,5 years old is getting a pizza oven where she can make play-dough pizza (which I’m sure her Italian/Spanish daddy will appreciate) and a Frozen colouring book. Her little 3-month old sister is getting comfy socks and a cute outfit for when she starts going to nursery. And then I’m also having a Secret Santa brunch with friends soon, for which I bought a set of organic, biological scented soaps and a bath bomb. That is me done!

Today’s advent calendar pickings:

Today’s Harry Potter funkopop was this lovely Thestral, which is actually not a very good omen, right?! For those of you who don’t remember, Thestrals are the “invisible” horses that bring Hogwarts students from the train to the castle. They first appear in The Order Of The Phoenix, when Harry notices them for the first time. The horses can only be seen by people who have (consciously) witnessed death, which is why Harry can see them now after having seen Cedric die the year before.

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