Blogmas 6: my Christmas decorations

So I’ve been spending the last few days finishing my Christmas decorations. I love Christmastime! The candles, the trees, the lights, the baubles, … all of it! So naturally I have not one, but two Christmas trees in my house – a small one by the TV (where I usually have some candles) and a big one in the corner of the living room. Both decorated with many lights, of course. And the small one has black and white stars and baubles, while the big one is red, white and gold.

Besides that, I have a light-up wreath on my door made of blue, white and silver Christmas balls, white ribbons and, of course, lights. Many, many lights. Now, it is homemade, but not by me, I must admit. A friend of mine has been doing DIY and arts & crafts for years, and she recently moved and sold some of her projects. That’s where I found the wreath. And then on the living room table, I have a glass bell jar with red angle hair and a little angle resting on top. And of course, presents! All the presents under my mini tree are bought for friends and family (as told during Blogmas 2).

And here’s what my morning advent calendars brought me:

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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