Blogmas 7: my cat Frits

Blogmas 7

So, if you’ve followed my Blogmas a bit, you have probably already seen a little cathead pop up here and there, specifically on the advent calendars photos. Well readers, that is my one and a half year old cat, named Frits! I got him when I first moved into my house about a year and a half ago. I was going to be living alone for the first time, and wanted some company. And I had always wanted a cat! We had one at home when I was younger, but after it died we never had any other pets. I looked back fondly on those evenings in the sofa, afraid to move so as to not disturb that orange ball of fluff sleeping on my lap. I was excited to get a cat again! So the house wouldn’t be so empty (and also so that all strange noises could be attributed to said cat). Meet Frits!

And yes, around him are books about cats. On the left is the Crazy Cat Lady-Boek with text by Elke van Huffel and illustrations by Niet nu Laura. I actually found out about this book because I follow the illustrator on Instagram, because she does amazing drawings! I was already interested in this book purely based on her drawings, and when I saw the content I was immediately convinced! This book is filled with 101 facts, tips and activities for you and your cats. It’s a book about reclaiming the title “crazy cat lady”. It no longer means that you’re a crazy, lonely old spinster living with too many cats. No, cat ladies are part of a club that loves cats: we make Instagram accounts for our cats, we hang out at cat cafés, we love watching cat videos on YouTube and we love coming home to our cats everyday. And this book celebrates that, by showing you how to enjoy the time you spent with your cat more, and how to make your cat happier as well.

And on the right side of the picture is a book by Anneleen Bru, titled I Love Happy Cats – Manual for a happy cat. This is the more scientific of the two books. Anneleen has literally studied animal behaviour, she even has a master’s degree in it, and has specialised in domestic cats. She has collected all her years of research in this books which explains cat behaviours, how to recognise what your cat is trying to tell you and a bunch of tips and tricks to make your feline companion as happy as can be. This book will help you optimise your cat’s environment and the way you approach your pet to improve both your lives and enjoy each other more. I have started reading it and am learning so much along the way. For example, I didn’t know I should leave a light on downstairs for my cat during the night. I figured his night vision would be enough (he’s an indoor cat), but they do prefer to have some light on. I don’t really see a difference in my cat’s behaviour yet since I started leaving the light on, but if this makes him happier? Why not!

Also, these were not the only books I bought during today’s visit to the bookstore. I mean, it had been a while since I’ve been in a physical bookstore (I usually order books online). And I just couldn’t withstand the temptation – more on that to come. Just wanted to share this one picture with you, before we move on to the business of the day (advent calendars). How beautiful and appealing are these bookshelves? I love the covers!

And now, here we are. Advent calendar time!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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