Blogmas 9: my Christmas reviews

Blogmas 9

I don’t just love Christmas, I also absolutely love Christmas books! I can read them all year round, especially as soon as it starts getting cold outside. nothing cosier than snuggling in with a Christmassy book, a Fleece blanket, a few fluffy pillows and my cat snoring beside me. Those are amazing weekends and great, relaxing nights. So because of that, a lot of Christmas books have found their way to my reading lists and onto my blog. Christmas isn’t one of my biggest categories yet, but it is getting there!

So why don’t we go through that Christmas categorie? The Christmas books I’ve reviewed are:

And then there’s a top 5 of my favourite Christmas books by Charles Dickens, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Clement Clarke Moore, Dr. Seuss and Chris Van Allsburg. Want to know the titles to go with these authors? Then read My top 5 favourite Christmas books.

Next up of course, is some Harry Potter stuff: the Wizardig World and the best Christmas gifts for fellow Potterheads.

Then there are my three London travel logs. In 2016 and 2017 I visited London, the Christmas capital of the world, during the Christmas period. And I loved it! So much that I added it onto my book blog: 2016 part 1, 2016 part 2 and 2017.

And then finally there are some interviews I did with Q&A authors as part of a blog tour a while back. It was a holiday themed multi-author book, so of course most of the questions were about the holidays. Like what they love about the holidays, what their favourite holiday books, movies and songs are, and a few questions about the holidays. I learned quite a bit thanks to these interviews with:

Today’s advent calendar stuff:

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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