Blogmas 11: Mr. Miracle – Debbie Macomber

Most of the romance novels I’ve read so far, always contain one or more teasers at the end. They are often the first chapter of another book by that author, or blurbs for a few similar books. Yesterday’s Dashing Through the Snow also contained one of those first chapter teasers. And I liked that chapter so much, I decided to immediately buy and download that e-book: Mr. Miracle, again by Debbi Macomber.

It’s the tenth part in her Angelic Intervention series. Now after reading the book, I didn’t really find the whole Angel-thing worthwhile. I don’t think it added much to the story. The story itself is a lovestory between two people who used to hate each other growing up. They meet again, right at the time when they are both looking for a new beginning, and they manage to overcome their past and build a relationship. This is helped by their circumstance of being forced together after an accident befalls the man in the relationship. And of course, it’s at a Christmas party that they profess their love for one another.

As you can see, that is already quite a story of itself. I don’t see why the angelic intervention needed to be there. Also, it wasn’t just angels, it was all “part of God’s plan”, so it was much more religious than I gave the story credit for based on that first sample chapter I read. I mostly skimmed over those parts, as I wanted to get back to the actual lovestory. But I guess that kind of story does work, seeing as this is already part 10 in the series?

Anyway, back to the blogmas order of the day! Advent calendars!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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