Blogmas 12: books make the best gifts

Everybody knows that books make for the best gifts, right? If I don’t know what to get someone, I will think about what kind of books or stories they might like. And then I will buy them a book! I don’t like to give out gift cards from book stores, I prefer to spend time finding the perfect book for that person. So, this year, I also bought quite a few books as gifts!

Now, I do have to admit that only the wrapped books are actually meant as gifts. The other books, I bought for myself… They are some romance novels, a true classic, two books to better understand my cat and finally the book version of the Fantastic Beasts 2 movie screenplay.

And I also already got a book gift card as a present, from an early secret santa exchange with friends. I usually do prefer that people who don’t really like to read, or who don’t know what I like to read (or have read already) get me gift cards, so I can find the perfect books for myself. Otherwise, they might give me books I really don’t look, or books I already have – both of which have happened already. But book gift cards always make me happy!

And this book gift card lead me to buy two amazing books, that I didn’t even know I wanted!

One is a magical archive book of the Crimes of Grindelwald. And the other is a novel set in Paris with some history, some romance and some drama woven in. I’m excited to get started on both!

As for today’s blogmas advent calendars, here we go:

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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