Blogmas 14: Hogwarts Mystery

Do you play the Harry Potter mobile game Hogwarts Mystery? I do, daily! And since a few weeks, you can go on the map to the Magical Creatures Reserve. There you can find the Grasslands, the Forest, the Dark Forest, the Lake, the Rocky Mountains, and the Volcanic Pasture. Each of these locations contain their own magical creatures that you can unlock. To do so, you need to collect different kinds of books, that are often rewarded in the side quests.

Once you’ve unlocked your creatures, you need to feed them, train them and play with them until they reach their maximum level. Doing so, will up your Magizoology level in the game. So far, I have collected a Niffler and a Porlock, both in the grasslands. Look, here’s me hugging my Niffler!

I’m in quite a Harry Potter mood, which is usual for me around Christmas. And especially now that I’ve been playing so much Hogwarts Mystery! I can’t wait for the new game to be released – it should be next year somewhere, I’ve heard.

But back to Blogmas business now, here’s today’s haul:

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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