Blogmas 15: a few days in Italy

This week I’ve spent four days in Italy for work training. And while I was taking pictures of my fancy hotel room and bathroom to show off to friends and family at home, my eyes stopped on a light-up make-up/shaving mirror. Of course, as anyone would do, I got up real close and spent a few minutes examining my face and freaking out about my clogged-up pores. But when I focussed on my eyes, I immediately swooned. Because, look! Look! Look!

The Host mirror eyes

The lights around the mirror, create a very interesting effect in your eyes. And my mind immediately transported me to the world of alien invasions from The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I love that book, probably more than Twilight even. Yes, I like Twilight, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Though, let me stipulate, that I don’t like the movies. I don’t have anything against Kristen Stewart (in fact, I really liked her in The Runaways for example), but just not in the Bella-role. Her constantly pained-and-confused face was good for some parts of the movie, but did not make me believe she fell in love – at all. But that is another discussion altogether (which has been in my concepts here for a while – I will get around to posting it one day!). Here we are talking about The Host, which I really like. It’s not on a the LOVE-level of Star Wars and certainly not the OBSESS-level of Harry Potter, but I did really like it!

And then my eyes wandered a little further and fell upon the hair products, which made my mind jump from aliens to vampires and werewolves. Because these beauty products contain Verbena, with us book- and tv-lovers better known as… vervain.

vervain vampire werewolf

So then I found myself in the world of The Vampire Diaries, of which I have watched 5 seasons. I also read I think about 7 of the book series The Vampire Diaries. I haven’t blogged about the series yet, because I started reading them while the show was on hiatus. And it freaked me out how different the two were, especially since I got into the books because of the TV-show (I know, upside-down world). And there are just so many books in that series, I still have a few unread ones waiting for me… I might even need to start from scratch, because after 5 seasons of the show, I have no clue what happens in the books anymore. (and yes, I know there are more than 5 seasons, but I stopped watching when I realized they wouldn’t even give their characters half an episode of peace without a new threat or enemy looming over them. I think I stopped right about where Damon gets kidnapped and there is a mysterious vampire on Elena’s college campus. But because I’m a sucker for endings, I skipped the rest of the seasons and just read up on and watched the best bits on Youtube of the final episode).

But anyway, that was my book experience in Italy. I didn’t have time to read or blog properly, so this was the best I could do. Since I’m not at home, I also didn’t get to open my calendars. But specially for you (and not at all because I was too curious to wait), I opened them before I left. Here’s what I got “today”!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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