Blogmas 17: Not Quite Christmas – Sharon Kleve

During this holiday period, I’m not finding a lot of time to read. But I do still want to get some reading in, so I’ve turned to short stories. And boy, are there many Christmas-themed short stories out there! Like Not Quite Christmas by Sharon Kleve, a romance short story set at Christmas time.


Since it’s a romance and a short story, there are not a lot of surprises to it. After the first few pages, you’ve met both Adair Hutton and Easton McQuin and you know they will end up together. But they meet under quite different circumstances, because they actually exchange their first glances as they are both in Ubers on their way to the airport and missing their flight due to snowfall and traffic. And now I don’t want to giveaway any more, so I’ll just give you a little taste with this excerpt:

My eyes drifted over to a guy sitting on the floor next to Gate Twenty-Three – the same guy from the Uber car. He had long, sandy-brown colored hair that hung in waves around his shoulders, a full, untrimmed beard, and mustache and wore his santa hat pulled low over his eyes. His arms were relaxed and folded at his waist and his legs were crossed at the ankles over his scuffed, blak leather work boots. By the looks of his chest gently rising and falling, I guessed he was probably asleep. His khaki-colored pants and tan-colored long sleeve shirt were wrinkled, and his duffel bag had seen better days too. Even without seeing his eyes, his long, lean body exuded power and sex appeal.
All of a sudden, the stranger stretched, unfolded his legs, tipped the hat off his forehead and winked one of those brilliant blue eyes at me again. What the hell? I was in the holiday spirit. I winked back. He smiled, yawned, pulled his hat back down and seemed to fall back to sleep. I was beyond exhausted from all of the last-minute travel plans, so I had to squelch the urge to slide down next to the guy, rest my head on his broad shoulders, and sleep too.

Cute, right?! I really liked this short story. It’s a quick and easy read, with a lot of Christmas feelings and hot chocolate thrown in. Enjoy it!

Now on to the advent calendar pickings of the day:

Rrrrrrremus! *awoooooo*

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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